EURYPAA 2021 Online

Hi Eurys 👋,
Thanks for attending EURYPAA 2021 Online on 31st August. The next EURYPAA will be held in Warsaw in the summer of 2022. As in-person meetings start to open again, we encourage you to get your fellows together locally and join online meetings to spread the EURY vibes! We must all re-learn the invaluable skill of herding cats, oops, AAs… 🐈🐈🐈. Start light, by herding your fellows into a local venue at the same time (perhaps a picnic), and then next year you’ll be ready to herd them to dances 💃🕺, bowling 🎳, dinner 🍲 etc., in time for Warsaw.


The Host Committee for the next EURYPAA, along with the EURYPAA Advisory Board, have made the decision that it is necessary to postpone the event for another year, until the Summer of 2022 – in Warsaw, Poland.

The main reason for this is that, while things are opening nationally in places, there is little chance to have an inclusive, open to everyone, international convention on the scale of EURYPAA before then.

We hope to see you at national and regional YPAA events that may restart before then and look forward to EURYPAA next year, when we can truly be the convention you deserve.